Love never blows up and gets killed
I hate duty weekends

so lonley

it’s been awhile~ Living in Pensacola, FL now. :D 2 minutes from the Navy base! love our apartment. so many military personnel here so I feel safe. I get to see my Sailor every day after his class! Finally got my military ID so going in and out of the base is easy now, less hassle. PNS is so beautiful. I love just driving around on base. Get to see all the Navy and Marines walking about in uniform. <3 

Sadly, the hubby doesn’t live with me 24/7. I get to see him after class when liberty is called but have to take him back at night. He does get to stay overnight on weekends with me! <3 

Love the Navy life! 

Pensacola was great!! Got to see my Tompkins and even got a place right by the base! ahhhh! i’m so excited. will be moving there at the end of June. It’s maybe 2 mins from the base. XD ahhhhhhh!